*About US

Emiliv Professional is a hair care brand rooted in international expertise and a profound understanding of the hair care industry. Founded in 2018 by Rodrigo DaCosta, a seasoned entrepreneur with a deep-seated passion for the hairdressing business, the brand was born out of his realization of a gap in the market for high-level professional hair care products.

Although Emiliv Professional is an American brand, its origins and manufacturing processes are intertwined with Brazilian heritage and industry knowledge. This blend of cultures and experiences contributes to the brand's unique identity and global appeal.

Central to Emiliv Professional's product portfolio is a proprietary blend of 10 organic oils. This distinctive formulation, exclusive to the brand, is meticulously developed and incorporated into each of its products. The blend includes Argan, Castor, Murumuru, Copaiba, Jojoba, Macadamia, Monoi, Grapeseed, Aloe Vera, and Maca├║ba oils, each contributing unique properties to enhance the health and beauty of hair. From hydrating and softening to preventing hair loss and promoting hair thickness, the benefits of these oils are manifold and contribute to the "magical results" the brand promises.

Emiliv Professional caters to all hair types, ensuring that every individual can benefit from its expertly crafted formulas. The brand's product range includes HairBotox Treatment, Brazilian Keratin Treatment, Home Care Kits, The Only Serums with 10 Oils, Emergency Polymeric Reconstructor. These treatments provide a variety of benefits such as frizz reduction, volume control, and hair strengthening.

It's worth noting that Emiliv Professional positions itself as a brand for hair care professionals. This suggests that the products are designed to meet the rigorous standards of salon use and to deliver salon-quality results. However, they also offer home care kits designed to extend the benefits of professional treatments to daily home use.

In summary, Emiliv Professional stands as a testament to Rodrigo DaCosta's passion for the hairdressing business, offering a range of professional-grade hair care products formulated with a unique blend of organic oils to deliver remarkable results for all hair types.